Craighill Primary



30 January 2015

Dear Parent/Carer

We hope to have Breakfast Club up and running again on Monday 23rd February following the February break.  The club will run from 8.30 until 8.50 each day.  Children will be offered fruit juice, milk, cereal and toast.

The cost of breakfast will be 50p and can be paid in advance at the beginning of the week or on the day.  Pupils who are entitled to free school meals will also be eligible for free breakfast.  This does not include those P1-3 children who are now entitled to a free meal due the government initiative but will include those who were previously entitled to free meals and are in receipt of the appropriate benefit

A note will be sent home if payment is outstanding at the end of the week and this should be paid at the beginning of the following week.  Unfortunately we are not able to sustain the Breakfast Club if children do not pay.  If this becomes an issue for individuals we will contact parents directly.

No children other than those attending Breakfast Club will be allowed into the school before the bell rings.  This is to ensure that we know exactly who is in the school for health and safety reasons.  Once children have finished their breakfast they will go out to play.  If the weather is bad the children will remain in the canteen with staff until the bell rings, they will not be allowed in other parts of the school.  Children who do not adhere to this rule will not be permitted to come back to Breakfast Club.

I will confirm a start date for Breakfast Club before the February break.

Yours sincerely

Eileen Henderson


Ceannard na Sgoile