Craighill Primary

Behaviour Code

The Pupil Council have been busy over the last few weeks working with some parents and members of staff to develop a school behaviour code.

This was introduced to all of the children at an assembly this morning and a copy of the work which was done is attached for your information.

The aim was to make the behaviour we wish to see at Craighill Primary and the types of behaviour which are not acceptable clear to everyone. The group have also worked to identify what the rewards and sanctions will be.

Also attached is a copy of the letters which will be sent home to inform you of your child’s behaviour. On the back of the “Red Letter” is a behaviour report which will be completed by the child in school. As we know sometimes the story which is told at home does not match what actually happened as children do not want to get into further trouble. However, by completing the report, pupils are encouraged to accept responsibility for their behaviour and for trying to ensure this behaviour is not repeated.

If your child brings home a letter regarding their behaviour it is important that you complete and return the slip at the bottom of the page to let us know that you have received the letter.

I would like to thank the Pupil Council and the group of parents who supported them in developing this. I hope that pupils, parents and staff can work together to promote positive behaviour at Craighill.

Please get in touch if you would like any further clarification or have any questions.

Green Amber Red Behaviour Chart

Rewards and Sanctions

Green Letter Home 03

Red Letter and Behaviour Report