Craighill Primary

Top 30 Achievement for Craighill

Craighill Primary School took on the Road to Rio challenge this term where we had to exercise our way from the UK to Rio where the Olympic Games are being held this summer.  The whole school has contributed to the successful completion of the challenge this year.

In fact, Craighill has surpassed the target of 9,000km and is in the top 30 Schools in the whole of the UK. This shows how committed pupils and staff have been to being active this term. The Rod to Rio organisers sent the school 10 Olympic Team GB t-shirts as we have done so brilliantly.

There is still time to add more activities to our journey and the hope that we can reach the top 20. Everyone at Craighill should be very proud of their efforts this term.

Distance so far 163,717km

Mr M.