Craighill Primary

‘Craighill Fair Play Football’ to begin this week!

A football league has been set up for pupils in Primary 4-7 to play in at break and lunch times at Craighill Primary School. Over 70 players have signed up to take part which has meant that there has been two leagues set up with four teams in each league. The top 2 from each league will advance to a Champions League style semi final and final.

However, the most important aspect of this is to improve and educate children on how to act appropriately on the football park. Players will have the opportunity to earn ‘Fair Play’ points as the season progresses and the top 2 teams with the most points will enter a ‘Fair Play Final’. There will also be individual awards for the players who earn the most points and they will enter the coveted Craighill Hall of Fame.

The dates for the finals will be up shortly with an opportunity for parents to come and watch and also take part in our ‘Fair Play Final’ if you wish!

This has been very successful at Bridgend Primary School and is in its fourth season there.

Mr M.