Ragbag Bin

You may have noticed that we now have a Ragbag bin just behind the lollipop hut.

This can be used to recycle any types of unwanted textiles including adults and children’s clothes, paired shoes (ties together with laces or elastic bands), hats, bags, belts, curtains, towels and bed linen.

We intend to use the money this raises towards supporting the Primary 7 residential trip to Craggan each year.

That will mean that every child can benefit from the money raised when they are in P7.

Please place any items you are recycling in a plastic bag. We have bags in school if you would like to collect one. We can have the ragbag bin emptied as often as necessary so please consider using it whenever you are having a clear out.

The recycling bin in the car park is used to raise money for Blythswood and CCAST, it will remain in place and can still be used.

Royal Military Tattoo Edinburgh Trip

This piece of writing was created by Edie and Ben; current Primary 7s.

We had been working on a WW1 competition for a long time in p6 and we won the prize to go to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
On Saturday the 29th of August we went to the school at 12 noon. The mini bus was waiting for us and we all jumped on ready for the long journey, to Edinburgh.
It took us 2½ hours to get to Bankfoot approximately, then 1½ hrs to get to Edinburgh. There were crowds everywhere!! There were people from all over the globe.
We parked beneath the castle and walked up 88 steps and a big hill to get to the castle gates. We got our bags checked there before being allowed into the castle grounds. We were then ushered to our seats at section 4 row N. We were ready for the big show. All of a sudden the show started.
It started off with some Scottish pipers who played Scottish tunes. Then some American military officers who were doing marches and synchronised moves. Then some Chinese bagpipers came on to the stage followed by some Chinese dancers who came on and started dancing with flowers. Then out of nowhere a Chinese dragon made out of the flowers that they were dancing with earlier, popped up and they started dancing with it! Next some Swiss army men came on carrying Swiss flags and throwing them and catching them. Sparklers were attached to the flags and they lit up the stadium. Finally the show was coming to an end and all the performers came on to the stage and sung and danced.

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At the same time the cannons were firing and fireworks were going off, all over the huge black sky. A lone piper played from the top of the castle and the atmosphere was amazing. All acts left the courtyard and we sung the British and Scottish national anthems. We all locked our arms together and sang old Lang Syne. The show had come to an end. When we were leaving it was like being penguins, we were all huddled together making our way through the massive crowds, in the dark. Finally we found the buses and got on to what we thought was ours but it was the wrong bus!!! We eventually found our bus and we were back on the long road home to Tain. We stopped at Perth to get a much needed Costa Coffee. Some of us slept on the way home and eventually we were on the Kessock Bridge. Next we were at the school and then delivered to our doors at 2:30 am.
We all enjoyed the event and will remember it for the rest of our lives.


Julie Cleghorn has been in touch to say that the rugby at TRACC on Wednesdays after school may have to be cancelled due to too few children attending. If your child is interested in rugby don’t forget this opportunity.

Wednesdays 3.40 – 4.30 at TRACC


The children had a taster of Futsal last week and were very enthusiastic. There are sessions run at TRACC, see below for further information

Venue: TRACC

Day: Weekly from Thursday 3rd September.

Times: First Touch – 5.15pm-5.45pm

Box training – 5.45pm-6.30pm

Masters – 6.30pm – 7.15pm

Cost: £2 HLH members

£4 Non HLH member


Rugby at TRACC

Start date: Wednesday 26th August



Venue: TRACC Main Hall

For more information contact Julie Cleghorn Active Schools Coordinator on 0795160861