Severe Weather/Droch Shide

Highland Council has issued the following guidelines regarding the impact of adverse weather on schools.

Guidelines About Travelling to School During Adverse Weather

If the school has to be closed someone will update the schools’ telephone information service which parents can access on 0870 054 6999 (our pin number is 041760).

 The specific Highland Council website will also be updated and can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

 If children have set off for school on their own (unaccompanied by an adult) they should proceed to school even if other children or adults have told them that school is closed as we would wish to contact home to make sure there is someone there.  No child will be sent home until we have contacted either a parent or one of the emergency contacts.

 Should the school need to close during the school day we will follow the procedures outlined above and contact parents to ensure there is someone at home. 

 Please let the school office know if there has been a change to the emergency contact.