About our School/Ar Sgoil

The school which was opened in 1975 is designed on an open plan principle which means that there are three large areas in the school.  Each area shares a sink and an art and craft area.  An area of the school was adapted in 2015 to provide space for Tain Nursery. There is a further room where children can watch television, hear a story etc.  Due to the large number of children attending school we have three classes and our Gaelic Nursery in portacabins.

Working on a picture about St Duthus and King James 1V

Working on a picture about St Duthus and King James IV

Our Vision Statement

Working together with our parents, carers and community to inspire learning and achievements


  • Creating an ethos where our children are happy and secure and where they feel valued as individuals
  • Expecting our children to be aware of their potential and strive to be all that they can be
  • Promoting a sense of social justice and personal and collective responsibility
  • Providing our children with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead fulfilling lives and to participate in an ever changing world
  • Developing an innovative and stimulating curriculum for our children
  • Fostering creativity
  • Regularly reviewing and evaluating our practices and routines
Getting quicker at our mental maths.

Getting quicker at our mental maths.


  • We are committed to education, inquiry and service in order to meet our youngsters’ changing needs. We foster lifelong learning, and individual growth.
  • We pursue excellence within the school community through opportunities for achievement in teaching, learning, creative activity and service.
  • We embrace diversity in all of its dimensions realising that mutual respect for individuality and the inclusion of all are vital for both personal and school success.
  • We hold high standards of character and integrity as the foundations upon which the school is built.
  • We believe in making school fun as children learn most effectively when they are happy.
  • We treat our children with respect by listening to, and valuing, their opinions.
  • We hope that you find us to be:










Developing our reading skills.

Developing our reading skills.

Our Staff

Headteacher/Ceannard:  Eileen Henderson

Depute Headteacher/Iar-cheannard:  Mrs W Patience

Principal Teacher / : Mrs J Robertson

English Department/Roinn na Beurla


P1                Miss C Robertson               P4                 Mrs J Robertson

P2                Miss C Smith                       P5                Mrs J Gordon

P3                Miss C MacLeod                  P6                Mr B MacKay

P3/4             Miss L Carnegie                   P7                Mrs W Patience and Mrs M Gibson

Roinn na Gaidhlig


P1-3              Mrs E Jack                        :P4-7              Mrs L Hayes

Learning Support Staff/Luch-obrach Taic Ionnsachaidh

Mr A Latham-Sumner

Mrs Joyce Armstrong

Visiting Specialists/Tidsearan Siubhail

Strings:   Mrs D Ross;     Chanter:    Mr N Matheson;       PE:  Ms N Swanson;

Music: Mrs J Murray        Brass: Mr M Bell

Pupil Support Assistants/Luch-taic Sgoileir:

Miss E Bond;   Mrs L Jedan;  Mrs A Macdonald;  Mrs C MacKenzie;

Mrs Y MacLennan;  Mrs A Skinner;  Mrs A Wilson;  Mrs G Wood, Miss V Anderson

English Nursery Staff/Luch-obrach Sgoil-Araich (Beurla)

Mrs E More;  Mrs B Cattanach; Mrs S Murray: Miss K Bain

Gaelic Nursery Staff/Luchd-obrach Sgoil-Araich (Gaidhlig)

Mrs A MacKay;  Mrs M MacAulay:   Mrs M MacDonald

School Secretary/Runaire na Sgoile:  Mrs B Watt

Contact Details

Craighill Primary School


IV19 1EU

Telephone number  01862892663

School Times

School begins: 9.00
School finishes: 14.50 (for children in P1-3)  15.00 (for children in P4-7)
Morning Break: 10.40 – 11.00
Lunch Break: 12.20 -13.20 (for children in P1-3) 12.40-13.20  (for children in P4-7)